Rent Buy Bash! (“RBB”) is devoted to leveling the playing field, (pun intended) among video games. Today’s market is very concerned with overall scores, and at RBB we think that is a totally unfair way to judge a game. Furthermore, some games don’t deserve ownership despite their amazing reviews and gameplay – what’s the point of owning certain games if you only play it once? There are exceptions of course to this line of thinking, but the main point is companies shouldn’t be shoving these expensive products down our throats when they have no staying power. How can we fix this, simple, you should tell us what games should be rented, bought, or bashed (meaning should be destroyed i.e. just a really really bad game) so that others don’t make the same mistake. Lastly, the problem with other typical rating and review sites is that the reviews are typically written by one biased person, and not by the video game community, resulting in reviews that are not exactly objective or even true. RBB feels that the video game community’s opinion (yours) is the only opinion that matters. So welcome to RBB! We encourage you to rate the aspect of the games that resonate the most with you (Graphics, Control scheme, Music, etc.)–or all of them if you feel up to it! The more you rate games, the more points you get. The more points you get . . . you get, well, that’s coming soon!

Rent Buy Bash! Was created in April 2012, just before the Mayan apocalypse, site is so powerful that it will continue on past this point.

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Jordan and Basher

Rent Buy Bash
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