Below is our privacy/data use policy. Rent Buy Bash and/or Yeababy LLC abide by all state and federal laws regarding your privacy. By using Rent Buy Bash and the Services contained therein, you agree to abide by the terms of this policy and all applicable state and federal privacy laws.

Information Rent Buy Bash receives from you:

We receive a variety of information about you, including:

Your user information

Your user information is the information that you must enter when you sign up for Rent Buy Bash site, in addition to the information you elect to share with other users.

Registration information

  • In order to access certain features of the Services, and to provide Invited Submissions (defined below), you will have to become a Member and set up a Rent Buy Bash account (“Account”), with a corresponding username and password. Registration for some Services may require additional information such as, but not limited to, your name, email address, birthday, and gender. Your username and password will permit you to access certain secure areas of the Services only available to Members.

Information you elect to share on Rent Buy Bash

Your information also includes the information you elect to share on Rent Buy Bash, such as when you post a comment in the game ranking section or any chat entry or photo uploaded on the site. It also includes the information you choose to share when you take an action and engage the functionality of the site, such as when you rank a game or choose the option to rent, buy, or bash a game.

  • Your name, profile picture, username and User ID are treated just like information you choose to make public.
  • Your birthday enables us to show you age-appropriate content and advertisements.

Other information we receive about you

Rent Buy Bash also receives other types of information about you:

  • We receive data about you whenever you interact with Rent Buy Bash, such as when you look at another user’s profile, send or post a message, search for another user or a game page, click on an ad.
  • When you post things like photos or videos on Rent Buy Bash, we may collect additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo or video.
  • We receive data from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access Rent Buy Bash. This may include, but is not exclusive to, your IP address, location, the type of browser you use, or the pages you visit.
  • We receive data whenever you visit a game page, use an application, or website that uses a Rent Buy Bash feature. This may include the date and time you visit the site; the web address, or URL, you’re on; technical information about the IP address, browser and the operating system you use; and, if you are logged in to Rent Buy Bash, your User ID.
  • We will also obtain data from our advertising partners, customers and other third parties that help us (or them) deliver or target ads, comprehend online activity, and generally help to improve Rent Buy Bash. For example, an advertiser may tell us how you responded to an ad on Rent Buy Bash or on another site in order to measure the effectiveness of – and enhance the quality of – those ads.

Rent Buy Bash also targets data at you from the information we already have about you and the games you rate. For example, we may put together data about you to determine which games we should show to you in the “other games like this” section of the site. We may also combine your current city with GPS and other location information we have about you to, for example, to inform you about people or events nearby, or offer deals to you that you might be interested in. We may also gather data about you to better send you ads that might be more relevant to you.

When we obtain your GPS location, we combine it together with other location information we have about you (like your current city). But we only keep it until it is no longer useful to provide you services.

We only provide data to our advertising partners or customers after we have removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people’s data in a way that it is no longer associated with you. Similarly, when we receive data about you from our advertising partners or customers, we keep the data for 180 days. After that, we combine the data with other people’s data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.

Information that you choose to make public on Rent Buy Bash:

“Public information” means the information you choose to make public, as well as information that is always publicly available on Rent Buy Bash.

Information you choose to make public

Choosing to make your information public means that anyone, including people not registered for Rent Buy Bash can see it.

Choosing to make your information public also means that this information:

  • can be associated with you (i.e., your name, profile picture, Rent Buy Bash profile, User ID, etc.) even off Rent Buy Bash
  • can show up when someone does a search on Rent Buy Bash or on a public search engine
  • will be accessible to the games, applications, and websites you and your friends use
  • will be accessible to anyone who uses our API

When others share information about you, they can also choose to make it public.

Information that is always publicly available

The types of information listed below are always publicly available, and are treated just like information you decided to make public.

    • Profile Pictures

This helps fellow Rent Buy Bash users recognize you.

    • Username and User ID

Your Username and User ID allow you to be identified by other Rent Buy Bash users and allow you to store your ratings data.

  • Our online forums and chat

The information we collect in connection with our online forums and communities is used to provide an interactive experience. We use this information to facilitate participation in these online forums and communities and, from time to time, to offer you products, programs, or services. If you choose to submit content for publication, we may publish your screen name and other information you have provided to us.

What Rent Buy Bash does with the information it receives:

Rent Buy Bash uses the information we receive about you in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users, the advertisers that purchase ads on the site, and the developers that build applications, and websites you use. For example, we may use the information we receive about you:

  • as part of our efforts to maintain Rent Buy Bash’s security;
  • to measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and others see;
  • to make suggestions to you and other users on Rent Buy Bash such as games you should rent or buy based upon your rating behavior.

Granting us this permission not only allows us to present Rent Buy Bash as it exists today, but it also allows us to provide you with innovative features and services we develop in the future that use the information we receive about you in new ways. We may disclose personally identifiable information about you to companies whose practices are not covered by this Privacy Policy (e.g., other marketers, publishers, retailers, participatory databases and non-profit organizations) that want to directly market products or services to you. If we share personally identifiable information with such companies, we will provide you with an opportunity to opt out or block such uses. If at some point in the future you decide that you no longer want us to share your information for these purposes, send us an email at We may, on occasion, combine information we receive from you with outside records to enhance our ability to market to you those products or services that may be of interest to you. We provide you with an opportunity to express your preferences with respect to receiving information about products and services from us and selected third parties when you interact with us. If you ever decide in the future that you would like to update these preferences, you may log into your account if you have created one with us, you can follow the “unsubscribe” instructions provided on any marketing e-mail you receive from us, or you may send us an email at privacy@rentbuybash.comand we will edit your preferences accordingly.

Deleting your account:

If you want to stop using your account, you can delete it.

By choosing to delete your account, Rent Buy Bash permanently removes all information you entered from the website. It takes Rent Buy Bash approximately one month to delete an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days. You should only delete your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it.

Minors and safety:

Rent Buy Bash takes safety issues very seriously, especially with children, and we encourage parents to educate their children about safe internet practices.

To ensure that minors are protected, we may put special safeguards in place (such as placing restrictions on the ability of adults to share and connect with them), recognizing this may provide minors a more limited experience on Rent Buy Bash.

How We Ensure the Safety of Our Users

In reviewing reports of abusive content, we remove anything that violates the Rent Buy Bash Terms and Conditions or Community Standards. Remember, reports are confidential. We also provide tools to protect your privacy and to help you protect your information both on and off Rent Buy Bash.

What you can do

At Rent Buy Bash we believe it is important to keep a few key safety precautions in mind.

  • Make sure your account is secure by keeping your password safe from others.
  • Read up on our Community Standards.
  • Report people and content that violate the Rent Buy Bash Terms and Conditions.
  • Report anyone who sends inappropriate messages on the live chat.

Collection of information by third party sites, ad servers, and sponsors:

  • Some of our Services contain links to or integrations with other sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) whose information practices may be different than ours. Visitors should consult the other sites’ or services’ privacy policies before submitting any information, as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties.
  • We sometimes may offer content or programs (e.g., contests, sweepstakes, promotions, games, applications or social network integrations) that are sponsored by or co-branded with identified third parties. By virtue of these relationships, the third parties may obtain personally identifiable information that visitors voluntarily submit to participate in the activity. We have no control over these third parties’ use of this information. Our Services will notify you at the time of requesting personally identifiable information if these third parties will obtain such information.
  • At some of our Services, reputable third parties may present or serve the advertisements, provide us with data collection, reporting, ad response measurement, site analytics, as well as assist with delivery of relevant marketing messages and advertisements. These third parties may view, edit, or set their own cookies. The use of these technologies by these third parties is subject to their own privacy policies and is not covered by this privacy statement.

Some other important information you should know:

  • Responding to legal requests and preventing harm to users
  • Rent Buy Bash reserves the right to share your information in response to a legal request (ex. a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. This may include, but is not limited to, responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized standards. Rent Buy Bash may also share information when we have a good faith belief that it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity; to protect ourselves and you from violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (hyperlink); and to prevent death or imminent bodily harm.
  • Cookies
  • Cookies are small pieces of data that we store on your computer, mobile phone or other device to make Rent Buy Bash simpler to use, enhance our advertising, and to protect you (and Rent Buy Bash). For example, we may use cookies to know you are logged on Rent Buy Bash, to aid you in using social plugins, or to document when you are interacting with our advertising or Platform partners. Rent Buy Bash may also request advertisers to serve ads to computers, mobile phones or other devices with a cookie placed by Rent Buy Bash (however, we would not share any other information with that advertiser). Most web companies utilize cookies (or similar technological methods), including our advertising and Platform partners. As a user, you can always remove or block cookies (by using the settings in your web browser); however, doing so may affect your ability to use Rent Buy Bash. We may also use “Web beacons” that monitor your use of our Services. Web beacons (or Web bugs) are small strings of code that provide a method for delivering a graphic image on a Web page for the purpose of transferring data, such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the Web beacon appears, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the page on which the Web beacon appears, the time the page containing the Web beacon was viewed, the types of browser that fetched the Web beacon and the identification number of any cookie on the computer previously placed by that server.When we correspond with you via HTML capable e-mail, Web beacons let us know whether you received and opened our e-mail. On their own, cookies or Web beacons do not contain or reveal any personally identifiable information. However, if you choose to furnish personally identifiable information, this information can be linked to the data stored in the cookies/Web beacons. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you specifically agree to our use of cookies and Web beacons as described herein. You may adjust your browser to reject cookies from us or from any other Web site. Additionally, by setting your Web browser to display HTML e-mails as text only, you may be able to prevent the use of some Web beacons. Please consult the “Help” section of your browser for more information. However, certain areas of our Services can only be accessed in conjunction with cookies or similar devices and you should be aware that disabling cookies or similar devices might prevent you from accessing some of our content.
  • Service Providers
  • Rent Buy Bash delivers your information to third parties that help us provide the services we offer. For example, Rent Buy Bash may utilize outside vendors to help host our website, serve photos and videos, process payments, or provide search results. Rent Buy Bash may also provide services jointly with another company, such as our Buy and Rent features which utilize services from our affiliate partners. In all of these situations our partners must agree to only use your information consistent with the agreement we enter into with them, as well as this privacy policy.
  • Change of Control
  • If the ownership of Rent Buy Bash changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so they can continue to operate Rent Buy Bash’s services smoothly. Any new owner of Rent Buy Bash shall also abide by our privacy policy.
  • Notice of Changes
  • If we make changes to this Privacy Policy we will notify you by publication here. Additional notice will be provided of any material changes as appropriate under the circumstances.
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