Yeababy LLC, together with its other business units, including but not limited to, Rent Buy Bash (collectively “Yeababy,” “we,” or “us”), provides an online community for gamers and fans to review and rate video games and to network with people with similar gaming interests. If you plan to use any of our trademarks or logos, please follow these guidelines. If you’d like to use any of our trademarks or logos in any way that isn’t covered here, please contact us at

Our Trademarks and Logos:


Rent Buy Bash Logo

Rent Logo

Buy Logo

Bash Logo

Trademark Basics

What is a trademark?A trademark or mark is any word, name, symbol, design, or a combination of them, adopted and used by a company to identify its products or services and to distinguish them from the products or services of others.

Why does Yeababy need trademark use guidelines for it’s marks and logos?Rights to a trademark can last indefinitely if the mark is properly used to identify certain products and services. If not used properly, rights in a mark may be lost or improper use may create customer confusion. Because of this, Yeababy is taking steps to ensure that its marks and logos are used properly.

General Use Guidelines

THINGS YOU MUST DOWhen using our trademarks and logos:

  • Do distinguish our marks from the surrounding text in some way, such as capitalizing the first letter of the mark, capitalizing the whole mark, or using a different font or stylization for the mark, such as “RENT BUY BASH is a great way to find out which video games you should rent or buy,” rather than “Rent Buy Bash site is a great way to find out which video games you should rent or buy.”
  • Do use our marks only as adjectives, and never as nouns or verbs and never in the plural or possessive. Acceptable: RENT BUY BASH online reviews are amazing. Unacceptable: RENT BUY BASH is amazing.
  • Do use only the most current version of our logos.
  • Do keep sufficient space around our marks and logos so they appear clean and uncluttered.
  • Do include the following notice: “Yeababy, Rent Buy Bash, the Bashometer [insert all marks and logos you reference on your website or in your materials] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Yeababy LLC in the United States and other countries.” This notice should be at the bottom of your home page or at the bottom of the web pages that contain our marks and logos, or in your “About” section if used in connection with a mobile application or set top box. For printed materials, please place the notice in an appropriate location with other legal notices, such as at the bottom of a poster or on the back of a DVD cover.
  • When referring to Yeababy as a company or when referring to actions we’ve taken as a company, capitalize only the first letter in Yeababy, such as “Yeababy today announced a new acquisition,” rather than “YEABABY today announced a new acquisition.”
  • Do let us know if you discover that someone is not using our marks or logos properly.

DO NOTWhen using our trademarks and logos, please:

  • Do not use any of our marks or logos in the name of your company, product name, service name, or logos such as RentBuyBashfurniture or Yeababyness.
  • Do not adopt a name, mark, or logo that is confusingly similar to our name, marks, or logos, such as Rent Buy Smash.
  • Do not use any of our marks or misspellings of our marks in your domain name.
  • Do not distort or alter our logos by changing the font, color, or approved size proportions.
  • Do not copy the look and feel of our websites or our logos as this could create user confusion.
  • Do not imply any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, or other false association with us.
  • Do not attempt to obtain rights in our marks or logos whether by trademark registration, domain registration, or otherwise.
  • Do not use any of our marks or logos on any website that contains or displays pornography, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under the age of 21, or otherwise violates applicable law.

Use of Yeababy Logos

Use of the Bashometer Logo

Video games are rated either “Rent,” “Buy,” or “Bash” based upon whichever category has the most votes from users. The “Bashometer” may be used on posters, packaging, print/broadcast ads, or websites provided the following requirements are met (in addition to our general use guidelines):

  • The Bashometer Logo may only be used in connection with games that Rent Buy Bash has reviews for.
  • The Bashometer Logo cannot be altered without prior written permission.
  • A link to the Bashometer Logo must go to one of the following landing pages on the Rent Buy Bash site:
    • The Rent Buy Bash review page for that specific game
    • The Rent Buy Bash homepage

Use of Rent Buy Bash and Basher Logos

We generally do not allow others to use the Rent Buy Bash and Basher Logos. If you’d like special permission for a specific use, please contact us.

Merchandising Requests

Yeababy typically does not permit or license other parties to use our trademarks, logos, or other intellectual property in connection with merchandise or other products, including but not limited to, clothing, hats, mugs, and toys, but any requests should be sent to

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